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EyeEye Media was founded by Somi Arian, a filmmaker & entrepreneur, with a passion to help people realise their vision.

Somi has a diverse background, from music & fitness to politics & media. This helps her relate to clients of all walks of life, understand their passion and help them tell their story.  

The idea for EyeEye Media was born during Somi’s work as a TV producer. Throughout her five years of as a producer, she met hundreds of business owners and corporations, who required video content to get their message across. Somi made it her mission to help anyone with a story to tell, through the lens of a camera. But she is not alone in this. Somi works with a strong team and an experienced film crew who dedicate hours of their time to each project.                                        


In addition to providing an entire crew for your project, Somi can also produce and direct your video content, if you already have your own in house team & equipment.

Having access to equipment and camera crew is not always sufficient to achieve the best results. Whether it’s a documentary, reality show, training video or a viral advert, you need someone to produce and direct it. Someone who can put it all together, who will arrange everything and look after your project from start to finish.

If you have everything else in place and you just need someone to produce your project, or if you simply require consultation, contact Somi at: